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We are on a mission to make crane service & repair fast, safe & hassle-free

Red Crane is an on-site crane services company in Auckland, making crane repair and servicing fast and hassle-free. Our team of highly skilled technicians come to your location to repair, service or inspect your crane, saving you transportation costs & time.

We understand every non-working crane is a lost revenue every day. So our top priority is to get your crane up and running as quickly as possible while keeping the service quality and safety to the highest standards.

Our Story

Like Every Other Business, Red Crane was born to solve a

After working for over 4 years in a crane service company, Red Crane’s Founder, Sumit, a Mechanical Engineer, found a major problem that crane owners faced – every time their crane broke down or needed servicing and maintenance, they had to go through a nightmare of booking crane repair service, then transporting it to a workshop & getting it repaired on time.

This process takes days, sometimes weeks, adding on that is UNWANTED fuel cost, driver availability, and they would have to wait for days until their crane was repaired. And the worst part? In the days when the crane was in the workshop, these owners lost revenue they could have made if the crane was operational or quickly repaired.

Identifying this problem, Sumit started thinking about how he could solve it. And thus,


Sumit’s vision was to provide on-site crane services, so crane owners would no longer have to deal with all the stress & challenges to get their crane serviced. Instead, Red Crane’s technicians would come to the site, fully equipped with tools and parts needed to repair the crane as fast as possible, in just a few hours, or maximum of two days (depending on the problem).


This not only saves transportation cost, time, and from hassle but also saves more revenue than even the service cost.

Red Crane offers multiple services, including fleet service and maintenance, emergency breakdown on-site, pre-certification inspection, pre-purchase inspection, and onsite operator training. All of these services were offered on-site, so crane owners could get their cranes serviced and repaired faster & without the hassle of transporting them.

Our Vision: Go-to service provider for crane owners in New Zealand.

Sumit’s expertise & experience with cranes, combined with his innovative vision for on-site crane services, has set Red Crane on the path to becoming the go-to service provider for crane owners in Auckland & then throughout New Zealand with our great customer service. Year ahead, our future vision will be to expand our service to Australia & other countries in the region.

Our Mission: To make crane service & repair fast, safe & hassle-free

At Red Crane services, we understand that every non-working crane is a lost revenue every day, and our top priority is to get your crane up and running as quickly as possible.

Our focus on service quality and customer satisfaction ensures that your crane is repaired and serviced to the highest standards.

In need of crane services, don't stress about the hassle of transportation - just give Red Crane Services a call, and we'll take care of the rest!

Our Values & Priorities

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